• I think the real benefit of having women and diversity in a team is that you have a richer set of ideas. So I truly believe there is a relationship between team performance and having a diverse team with the best talent.

  • My firm has the very best intentions when it comes to women. But it seems every time a leadership role opens up, women are not on the slate. The claim is made that they just can't find women with the right skill set and experience.

  • It’s not the glass ceiling but the sum of many obstacles along the way.


Dynamite Human Capital manages the process from conceptualisation to implementation and we don’t leave until the process is solidified and thriving. The programmes are designed to address client specific competency development needs such as Leadership / Management, Technical / Specialist, Academic / Professional, Business / Functional, Behavioural / Attitudinal or Experiential / Networking.


Talent Support

Our Talent Support Programmes are tailored to individual requirements, through our network of leadership coaches we provide individual assessments using tools such as 360 degree feedback and personality testing tools to identify areas of improvement.


Leadership Events

Look out for the Igniting women in the place events, we feature thought leaders in Leadership Development, Life and Executive Coaches, Personal Branding Specialists.

Should you wish to be invited to these events, please send us an email at info@dynamitehc.co.za