• I think the real benefit of having women and diversity in a team is that you have a richer set of ideas. So I truly believe there is a relationship between team performance and having a diverse team with the best talent.

  • My firm has the very best intentions when it comes to women. But it seems every time a leadership role opens up, women are not on the slate. The claim is made that they just can't find women with the right skill set and experience.

  • It’s not the glass ceiling but the sum of many obstacles along the way.

Mining & Manufacturing Sector

DHC Mining and Manufacturing Division specializes in sourcing specialized skills for the mining and manufacturing Industries. Established in 2013, we have already positioned ourselves as the partner of choice to organizations operating in this sector.

We have a comprehensive database of highly skilled local and foreign national candidates. Our niche specialist recruitment division sources candidates who are screened and selected for their qualifications and high level of skills, geared to provide for your direct needs and skills shortages.

We pride ourselves on our intimate industry experience and knowledge of specific sectors. We specialize in proactive database building for these sectors, recruiting for recognized sector shortfalls and demands.

A cornerstone to our employee-centric culture and the growth of our business is further defined by our endeavor to generate the best employment opportunities the market has to offer. Our guarantee of a growing pipeline of employment opportunities is invaluable in an extremely competitive labor market.

Our recruitment initiatives for Mining and Energy span across different disciplines including the following:

  • Technical and professional engineering disciplines
  • Project engineers, managers and senior mining 
  • Engineering supervisors and management teams
  • Candidates for head office or site based 
administrative functions, human resource 
management and financial management
  • Health and safety officers
  • Highly skilled mechanical and maintenance 
managers, GCC certified