Our Focus


Not only is diversity good for any organizations’ BBBEE scorecard, research demonstrates that groups with greater diversity tend to perform better than homogenous ones, even if the homogenous members are more capable. By helping our clients attract and retain top tier female executives we help to diversify and transform organisations.



Studies have found the replacement costs of lost talent to be between 70% and 200% of lost employees salary, in South Africa 50% of employees hired in any given year will leave the company within the first 2 years and only 15% leave for financial reasons. Through our Talent Propulsion Programme we help organisations retain top talent by providing the support necessary for women to propel their careers to the next level.


Increasing productivity is one of the most critical goals in business. By far the most impactful factor in workforce and team productivity is hiring and retaining employees with exceptional capabilities and self-motivation.

Through our Group Mentorship Programme we honor and share the knowledge and expertise of individuals and to provide other employees with exposure to their specific know how, because group mentoring involves more than two individuals, it promotes diversity of thinking, practice and understanding. The diversity of perspectives that emerges from group mentoring interaction is a powerful motivator for employee development.

The Programme is designed to promote work life integration, commitment, confidence, culture, conviction and contribution.